Service Plan

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WEEK 1 (1 hour) INTRODUCTION: We discuss challenges and goals in-depth. Discuss components of the plan E.D.I.F.Y.

WEEK 2 (1 hour) E. EVALUATE: We assess the challenges and/or goals, clearly defining their components.

WEEK 3 (1 hour) D. DISMANTLE: We take apart the components of the challenges or barriers hindering moving forward and accomplishing goals

WEEK 4 (1 hour) I. INVEST: You will be equipped with the authority to overcome challenges and/or set goals and accomplish them.

WEEK 5 (1 hour) F. FORTIFY: We build resistance against the return of the challenges or barriers.

WEEK 6 (30 mins. To 1 hour) Y. YIELD:  You will produce what you couldn’t produce before!

WEEK 7 (1 hour: We discuss progress and any possible motifications)

WEEK 8 30 mins to 1 hour (We celebrate wins and plans going forward.)